Your local lettings specialist. Many agencies offer both sales and lettings, however sales is usually their core business and consequently their priority. We are passionate about lettings and YOU will always be our priority. We offer a free Property Sourcing Service where we identify quality buy-to-let properties currently available on the local sales market. Whether you are looking for your first investment property, or wishing to expand your portfolio, we are the one-stop-shop for residential lettings.

There are lots more reasons why Assured Lettings is the right choice for you:

  • Small team  

The business is a family based partnership, owned and managed by brother and sister Rob Hall and Becky Perry. You will not be passed from one member of staff to another, and the service that you receive will be much more personable

  • Complementary skills

Many agencies are good at sales, but then let their clients down with poor aftercare. Rob’s sales and business development background, combined with Becky’s planning, organisational and management skills go hand in hand to provide an excellent overall package

  • Experience and qualification

Rob has worked in the industry for over 10 years. His knowledge of the market and broad experience are backed by his Professional Diploma in Residential Letting and Property Management, which give him fellowship status with the professional body ARLA. Rob is also a landlord and therefore has a strong understanding of your expectations

  • Business approach

Fair, clear and simple. With a transparent fee structure

  • Our blog

Keeps you up to date with local property news and identifies quality buy-to-let properties currently available on the local sales market

  • Appointments available from 8am to 6pm

Whether you want a rental valuation first thing in the morning, or tenants wish to view your home after work, we accommodate all of our clients with an early start and a late finish

  • Tailored communication

Whether you want a regular phone call, weekly email or a quick text message, we tailor our services to suit you.

  • Professional marketing and photography

Your property will be listed on Rightmove as well as our own website and we take great pride in making your listing stand out. We use state of the art cameras to take our property photography and understand what tenants look for when choosing their next home

  • Inventory and statement of condition prepared using the latest software

We understand the importance of getting these key documents right. Therefore, we have invested in software which produces the best and most accurate inventory possible. This helps safeguard your property against mistreatment and lost or stolen items

  • Tenancy paperwork provided by Training for Professionals

Written and regularly updated, to ensure full legal compliance, best practice and your peace of mind

  • Assured Lettings rent & legal guarantee

This provides you with peace of mind, particularly if you are relying on the rental income to cover your own costs (mortgage etc)


What are you waiting for? Contact us now, you won’t be disappointed!